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You Need An Outlet

usa-04_08_16Keeping our iPhone charged all day is the bane of our 21st century existence. We find ourselves in an absolute panic when we’re out and about and the low-battery notification pops up.

Sure, we have an arsenal of external backup batteries, but we don’t like a VEBBL competing with our VPL (because too often the VEBBL is much more impressive).

That’s why we love Prong and its new PWR case for iPhone. You get a protective case, which slides into a backup battery case, which plugs directly into the wall.

So you have a protective case on your iPhone at all times, but you also have the ability to easily incorporate a backup battery pack if needed.

usa-04_08_16(2)What we really like, though, is that the backup battery pack doubles as a charging dock on the wall thanks to integrated pop-out prongs. This yields a much neater appearance than the typical array of charging cords and phones lying across our various countertops and furniture pieces around the house.

With our phone power problem solved, now we can concentrate on more important world matters.

Like how to get more retweets of that pork belly waffle taco photo yesterday’s lunch.

Prong PWR, $99 (iPhone 6/6s); $49 (iPhone 5/5s)
Images: Facebook.com/Prongup