Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Flaw & Order

usa-04_19_16Who among us hasn’t at least fantasized about tweaking some part of our bodies? Especially when we’re half-naked in a Banana Republic dressing room with all that harsh retail lighting.

Potential for improvement? You betcha.

But we’ve never been serious enough to actually go in for a cosmetic surgery consultation because we’re pretty sure we don’t have enough home equity to take out the necessary loan. Plus, it’s kind of a hassle to go to the doctor these days.

That’s where Zwivel comes in.

This app makes it easier than ever to make a You 2.0 wish list.usa-04_19_16(2)Locate your areas of concern, select procedures you’re considering and indicate the budget range you’re comfortable with. Then upload photos and videos of the problem areas and professional surgeons will get back with you via the app for a consultation. You can select the doctors after reviewing their websites and credentials or have Zwivel match you to doctors based on your requirements.

It’s that simple.

Just think, this could be the first swimsuit season of your life where a six-pack is on your body and not in the ice chest.

Zwivel App
Free for iPhone and Android