Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

She’s Back! (Again!)

usa-05_11_16The queen of nighttime talk shows is making her triumphant return!


Yes, we know Chelsea Handler released Chelsea Does on Netflix back in January, but that was more of an appetizer for the main course debuting today: Chelsea.

Like Chelsea Does tackled specific topics in each full episode, her new thrice-weekly talker will also center around certain agendas only this time with in-studio guests ranging from big-name celebrities to experts in a field related to the theme.

Episodes will debut Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week and play to the comedian and author’s strengths of hilarious commentary and afraid-of-nothing approach to life.

This week’s episodes will tackle education with guests that include Pitbull, Drew Barrymore and Secretary of Eduction, John B. King. Another episode features Gwyneth Paltrow, Tony Hale and the world of telenovelas.

Plus, she’ll be breaking new ground with her show available in 190 countries thanks to the vast reach of Netflix.

That’s pretty kick-ass.

Or calci nel sedere as they say in Italy.

Premieres today on Netflix