Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dallas Weekend Guide: May 12-15

dal-05_12_16Three cheers for the weekend!

Ah, screw that! Five-hundred-seventy-seven cheers for the weekend! Celebrate everything you accomplished this week (or didn’t) by hitting the town. It all starts tonight.


dal-05_12_16(Rose)Rosé Soirée at Steel
What: Enjoy three fabulous rosés from Spain, Italy, and the good-ol’ USA, each artfully paired with nibbles from Chef TJ Lengnick for $25.
The Full Scoop: www.facebook.com/events/956046654514263

dal-05_12_16(Miss Dallas)Miss Dallas FFI at Large
What: Pageant season continues as the Rose Room welcomes a slate of drag competitors in a spectacular show hosted by Sophia McIntosh.
The Full Scoop: www.partyattheblock.com


dal-05_12_16(Bob)Bob, The Drag Queen
What: The current RuPaul’s Drag Race Top Three contestant brings his unique brand of humor to Dallas and we’re so excited.
The Full Scoop: www.onenightinbangkok.org


dal-05_12_16(Darts)Dive! Darts & Drinks
What: Head to the Roundup and register to be part of the darts tournament for a chance to win an Apple Watch and a cornhole contest where winners walk away with a new Fitbit.
The Full Scoop: www.roundupsaloon.com/event/dive-darts-drinks

dal-05_12_16(Wes Anderson)Sunday Cinema Series at Knife
What: If you love Wes Anderson films, you’re in luck. Rushmore kicks off a series of his films at The Highland Dallas.Tickets get you themed bites from chef John Tesar and craft beer from Four Corners Brewing Company.
The Full Scoop: www.facebook.com/events/634676400013217