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Lighten Your Load

usa-05_19_16We’ve never been ones to travel light. Even when we’re heading on a beach vacation that should require nothing but swimsuits, tank tops and flip-flops, we somehow end up with three giant suitcases.

But ever since the airlines have started charging for checked bags (except our beloved Southwest!), we’ve transformed into Carry-on Queens.

The only drawback is that our year-supply-size lotions, gels and shampoos aren’t TSA compliant. Sure, we could transfer each to smaller three-ounce containers, but that’s just a hassle. And usually a big mess.

If only there were a product that would help!

usa-05_19_16(2)While shopping for travel-size items for an upcoming vacation, we stumbled upon Squeeze Pod kits and asked them to send us a few samples to test out. Everything from Squeeze Pod is made with premium natural ingredients and no sulfates, parabens, phthalates or phosphates. And we just love the convenience.

Plus, their kits are cleverly named, making them possibly the first-ever gift-worthy toiletries.

Each handy packages contain everything you need for traveling. Our favorite is the “Sh*t, Shower & Shave,” which includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shave cream, hair gel, moisturizer and toilet odor eliminator (great for those first overnight stays with a new boyfriend!).

The only downside is the packaging isn’t recyclable, but they’re working on making that happen, choosing first to focus on the quality of the ingredients.

Now that’s worth writing home about.

Squeeze Pod Kits