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Downton-y Doctor

usa-05_20_16Oh, Lady Mary, how we miss you. The undying bitchiness in your soul gave us the strength to carry on and now we feel such an incredible void.

Indeed, ever since Downton Abbey ended its U.S. run, we’ve been longing for true aristocratic drama.

Not that “Real” Housewives bullshit.

Well, today, our wish comes true as Doctor Thorne debuts on Amazon Prime.

It comes from Downton creator Julian Fellowes and follows the lives of the Gresham family when their massive fortune disappears. Trying to keep it a secret, Lady Arabella sets out to bring wealth back to the family via an arranged marriage, an American heiress and plenty of spectacular scenery against which to plot schemes.

Sure, nothing will likely ever best Downton Abbey, but we always love when something is topped.

Julian Fellowes Presents Doctor Thorne
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