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Be A Sophisticated Fella

usa-05_26_15Perhaps it was our brief two-month stint in a fraternity that kept us from originally being fans of Crown Royal. All the guys would drink Crown & Coke and then get, well, crazy.

We just didn’t like the taste. We were still in our Long Island Iced Tea period.

But as we’ve grown older, we’ve grown an appreciation for whiskey of all types.

usa-05_26_15(2) Now there’s a limited release blend from their Crown Royal Noble Collection and it’s incredible. Three of their essential whiskies are are brought together to make Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend for an unparalleled smoothness and undeniable sophistication.

It’s great on the rocks (we still can’t get used to warm whiskey), but we’re also in an Old Fashioned phase right now and their Old Royal is as perfect a version as any.

After a few, you just might want to pledge Gamma Alpha Upsilon.

Or. G.A.Y. as we say it in America.

Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend, MRSP $59.99 (750ml)
80.6 Proof