Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pucker. Blow. Sit On It.

usa-06_06_16Every summer, we look for the craziest pool floats we can find.

After all, skinny-dipping shenanigans stories are so much better when there’s a large inflatable bird involved. But usually we have to search multiple sites to find the ones that really float our boat.

No longer.

FUNBOY Luxury Floats has the coolest pool floats on the planet.

We’ve owned the White Swan for the past couple of seasons and it’s always a hit with our guests, especially for wet selfies in the deep end.usa-06_06_16(2)This season, however, we think we might add one of the artist editions swan floats to our flock. Or maybe one of the rainbow unicorn, puckered red lips or silver hashtag floats.

Shipping is free on every float, plus FUNBOY donates a year’s supply of clean drinking water to one person in the developing world with each and every purchase, thanks to a partnership with RainCatcher.

Because mounting a pink flamingo with a strawberry daiquiri isn’t always the first thing that pops to mind when we think of charity.

But that’s the way we like to give back.

FUNBOY Luxury Floats, $79-$128

Photos: Funboy/Facebook