Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We’re Breast Men Now. Just FYI.

dal-06_10_16The grub in the gayborhood continues to get better and better.

When iconic Cedar Springs restaurant, The Black-Eyed Pea, closed earlier this year many regulars were distraught to see the comfort-food staple close its butter- and gravy-soaked doors forever. Ourselves included.

Where would we get our chicken fried steak fix before a night of drag queens at the Rose Room and Howdy Hour at the Round-Up?Well, the Street family that launched Black-Eyed Pea way back when had a brand-new chicken concept waiting. Street’s Fine Chicken debuted a couple weeks ago and it’s so much better than we could’ve ever hoped, with an updated, bright, airy decor featuring artwork of chickens and by chickens.

As the name suggests, Street’s has all sorts of cluckin’ good yardbird dishes, from fried and roasted to grilled and lolli-popped. And, they’ve kept their signature, family-recipe CFS on the menu, too, if you crave a little hot beef injection in your day.dal-06_10_16(2)Side dishes range from mashed potatoes to maple roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, but our fave has to be the brie mac ’n cheese. This is one version of a side dish we normally don’t care much about and it’s easily one of the best mac ’n cheese variations we’ve ever tasted.

Our only plea to the Street family (many of whom are on-site running the joint) is to bring back the cheesy broccoli-rice and baked squash casseroles from Black-Eyed Pea.

Then all would be right with the world.

Unless you’re a chicken.

 Street’s Fine Chicken
3857 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas
www.streetsfinechicken.comPhotos by Kevin Marple