Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Ballsy Move

usa-06_20_16Swamp crotch season is upon us.

But we have a way to stop the odoriferous epidemic from spreading rampantly through the bedrooms of America.

Yes, we know that many gay men (and probably a few straight women) love the musky smell of a man.

We, however, do not. We prefer our guys squeaky clean with balls that smell like they’ve been nestled gently in a bowl of cinnamon apple potpourri or wrapped snugly in a carefully assembled cradle of Bounce dryer sheets.

Because not only is starting off a shagging session in the shower a preferred method of foreplay, it also ensures that there aren’t any sensory surprises within our (or his) various nooks and crannies.

Sadly, a shower isn’t always an option. Perhaps you’re camping (gasp). Five hours into a ten-hour flight. Or stuck in an elevator with the Olympic men’s diving team.usa-06_20_16(2)Those are just three real-world scenarios where Nadkins will come in handy.

These 100 percent natural, 100 percent non-toxic moist towelettes are designed specifically for use on your stinky frontal nether regions. They’re formulated with aloe, allantoin and Vitamin E to cleanse, hydrate, soothe and comfort your sensitive nuts with a cool tingly finish, enhanced only by a little careless whisper in their general direction.

The citrusy mint fragrance is truly delightful and demonstrates to visitors how much you care.

Kind of like those pretty little soaps your mom keeps in the guest bathroom.

Nadkins, $12.50 (10-pack); $32.50 (30-pack); $30 (30-pack monthly subscription)