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usa-06_14-16There are few things worse than a tuxedo covered in lube.

Or a week’s worth of underwear drenched in mouthwash.

That’s because some toiletry bags just aren’t that good at protecting what’s outside their own little grooming world.

Say goodbye to spills and leakages that damage clothes and add time and expense to your vacation for hotel dry cleaning or (eek!) seeking out a laundromat. It’s all thanks to the TOOLETRIES bathroom travel case. The manufacturer claims it’s the toughest on the market and we tend to agree.usa-06_14-16(2)Featuring a hard shell interior in blue, red, army green or proud pink, there are two sides with removable silicone netting keeps everything in place. Once closed, the ultra-secure case keeps your arsenal of beauty supplies where it belongs, whether we’re talking pastes, liquids or a big ol’ mound of age-defying wrinkle goo.

Your clothes will be protected and your vacation will be saved.

Unless, of course, the airline loses your luggage.




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