Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Filthy. And We Love It.

usa-06_29_16We decided long ago that polos are a look we can rock.

Plus, they’re still age-appropriate. (At least for a few more years until we cross completely into Daddyland.)

But until now, our polo collection has been mostly solid colors with the occasional contrast stitching to really make heads turn at the gay bar.

So when the people at Filthy Etiquette sent us a lookbook for their fun line of polos with whimsical, contrasting collars, pockets and sticky-outy parts of the sleeves—we fell in love at first sight.

Then we tried one on and that simple love turned into Lifetime Movie-worthy infatuation.usa-06_29_16(2)Our favorite shirt of the lineup is the Steve (above). Not only is it our favorite name in the whole wide world, we’re also a fan of tropical prints used in tasteful doses (something as rare as a heterosexual unicorn).

All the Filthy Etiquette polo fabric combinations are winners, though.

The sleeves are nice and short to show off our guns. The fit is slimming but still hides our minor imperfections in the abdominal region. And they’re machine washable, which is a relief since sometimes we come home and put clothes into the general wash hamper instead of the dry cleaning bag. (We blame copious amounts of Pinot Grigio.)

Now you, too, can jazz up your summer wardrobe while maintaining appropriately preppy sensibilities for pool parties and romantic evening barefoot walks along the beach by shopping for polos from Filthy Etiquette.

You can send us a thank-you note later.

Filthy Etiquette Polos, $59.99