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Coal Remedy

usa-06_30_16Black is our go-to color.

Just usually not when it comes to skincare.

But that’s exactly what you’ll find in every bottle and bar of Black Hatchet activated charcoal soap products handmade in Austin, Texas.

Taking into account the difference in the biology of men’s skin versus women’s, the beauty masters at Latika Body Essentials created this line to specifically address the needs of our rugged epidermis. By incorporating, deep, dark, black, activated charcoal into formulas that contain organic vegetable oils and other natural herbs and clay, they’ve created an excellent elixir that tones and soothes skin as it cleanses.

usa-06_30_16(2)We love the liquid soap, but have grown quite fond of the bar soaps, too. They’re face-friendly and perfect for pre-shaving rituals.

Best of all, there’s a Bear Whisperer formulation, made with rosemary, eucalyptus and spruce. Shower with that every morning and who knows, you just might end up trapping a bear one summer evening.

Try making that happen with a bar of Irish Spring.

Black Hatchet Soaps, $7.95-$58 (box sets)