Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Salty Rims Ahead

usa-07_07_16International Beer Day. National Eat A Pot Brownie Day. World Kiss A Stranger Day.

We love all the made-up holidays. Mostly because they enable us to do indulge thanks to a semi-legitimate excuse.

Well, July 24 is National Tequila Day and that means copious amounts of margaritas and shots to celebrate the agave spirit.

There are many, many brands out there, but Don Julio is our current go-to. We’ve sampled nearly every tequila in the lineup and each is a superb example of the Mexican firewater.

It all started more than 70 years ago when Don Julio González (there’s a real Don Julio!) set out to improve the production process from harvesting the agave to creating the unique bottle shape that so many have copied since. Way ahead of his time, Don Julio created a luxury brand that people lined up to buy.

usa-07_07_16(2)The Blanco is ideal for margaritas and other tequila-based cocktails, but if you’re looking for a sipping tequila with real character, try the Añejo.

Or splurge with our absolute favorite, Don Julio 1942 Tequila. It’s elegant and complex like a fine scotch and excellent served neat, chilled in a champagne flute or on the rocks.

Plus, by sipping tequila, we’re not bound to make as many bad decisions.

But just in case, it’s good to know that July 25 is National Apologize For Your Drunken Behavior Day.

Don Julio Tequilas