Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Swish List

usa-07_12_16Staying on top of pop culture is a full-time job.

So when an online retailer manages to succeed at tapping into the zeitgeist of the week, month or decade, color us all shades of impressed.

We went back through our archives and it’s been more than seven years since we first featured Swish Embassy in our digital pages. They’ve come a long way since then, baby, but they’ve stayed true to delivering apparel, fashion accessories and home goods with a keen (if sometimes warped) sense of humor.

They’ve been all over social media lately, so we figured it was time to give them a shout out again for a job well done.usa-07_12_16(3)

While many of their original designs are still selling strong (like “I Love Caulk”), they continue to add pop culture icons to a VIP list that includes everyone from Blanche and the gang to Gladys Kravitz, Alexis Carrington-Colby-Dexter-Rowan and Patsy Stone.usa-07_12_16(2)We could spend hours on the site (and thousands of dollars), but we try to limit our obsession to a new item every couple of weeks.

Because even though staying on top of pop culture is a full-time job, it doesn’t pay shit.

Swish Embassy