Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Couple That Texts Together…

usa-07_19_16Searching for Pokemon in the men’s locker room at your gym is one way to bring you and your man closer together. (Or kicked out of the club for using your phone’s camera function around naked dudes.)

But there is a new app that could bring you and your love-muffin to new levels of intimacy.

Introducing Happy Couple, a relationship app that connects the two of you with a series of daily quizzes that help uncover each other’s deepest beliefs, aspirations, wants, feelings and needs. It could instigate interesting conversations on topics you might not normally discuss face-to-face, as well as show you how well you actually know the person who snores next to you each night.usa-07_19_16(2)Here’s how it works. Answer five questions each day for yourself and five for him. If your questions match, you earn points and unlock new levels and activities. (Sort of like The Newlywed Game without the free dining room set at the end of the game.)

Happy Couple also gives you challenges like blindfolding each other and tantalizing his taste buds and other interesting dares, as well as same-sex specific questions and challenges.

An algorithm learns from your responses and customizes the next direction the app takes with questions and challenges for a fun, interactive way to keep things fresh. Unless, of course, one of you still has a flip phone.

Then your relationship is pretty much doomed.

Happy Couple App
Free download on multiple iOS, Android and Windows devices