Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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dal-08_03_16Nice knockers!

That’s the first thing you see when you walk into Next Door in Uptown: A two-story high wall filled with every shape size and color of door knocker imaginable. It’s really fun, and quite impressive.

Which, appropriately enough, are two adjectives that perfectly describe the food and cocktail program.dal-08_03_16(5)In our experience, food is often an afterthought at bars that offer bottle service and the whole scene that goes along with that. But not at Next Door. Here, the food is a major focus and they’re just about the cutest damn shareable bites you’ve ever seen.dal-08_03_16(4)From tiny salads in golfball-size bacon cups to individual shrimp cocktails, nearly everything is snack-size. The teeny-tiny grilled cheese dumplings resting in tomato soup are easily our favorite thing on the menu.
dal-08_03_16(2)Even larger entrées are ready to share with friends, too. The filet mignon comes sliced, for example. And the lemon pesto spaghettini shows up on the table in individual portions.

In fact, after working our way through the menu on two separate visits, there isn’t a single dish we wouldn’t order again.

Same with the cocktails.dal-08_03_16(3)Our favorite beverages are the “Bubbles Concepts,” which are creative takes on champagne cocktails. The best of the bunch is the champagne colada, made with bubbly, spiced coconut rum and lime juice. We could drink these in Big Gulp cups and be oh-so-happy.

To be clear, this place attracts a pretty straight-dude crowd (lured in by scantily clad waitresses, of course), but we never felt the least bit unwelcome in the dining room downstairs or on the second level when things shifted into full nightclub mode with DJs and a lively twenty something crowd.

Who knows, you just might meet a guy next door at Next Door.

And you’ll already have ideas for fun food to serve at your wedding reception.

Next Door
2908 McKinney Avenue, Dallas