Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Goof Wife

usa-08_10_16Every comedian who gets a sitcom hopes it’s going to become the next Seinfeld.

But the odds are clearly stacked against that sort of international success. Things are just so much more niche now.

And that’s perfectly okay. Because of smaller networks and online content providers, we get to experience shows that would never get the go-ahead at one of the major prime time networks.

So it’s with much excitement that we tell you how much we love Take My Wife, the newest Seeso production debuting tomorrow on the comedy streaming service.

The show stars the highly hilarious lesbian comedian with the best haircut in the business, Cameron Esposito, and her wife, Rhea Butler, a fellow standup, as they navigate their relationship while being in the same business.

Here’s a trailer:

Or, you can pop over to Vox and watch the entire first episode for free and decide for yourself whether this series is worth adding a Seeso monthly subscription to your life.

(And at $3.99 we can assure you it’s a very worthwhile investment.)

Plus, at only six episodes, you don’t have to worry about making another major time commitment to a new show.

Plus, we promise Take My Wife could make you laugh until you cry.

Or pee yourself, the highest honor any sitcom could ever receive.

Take My Wife
Premieres Thursday, August 11

Original & Classic Comedy. Zero Ads. Just $3.99/mo.
Watch the first full episode at www.vox.com

Photo by: Robyn von Swank