Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Savoir Complex

usa-08_12_16There’s something extra rewarding about discovering something great that we weren’t pitched by a PR company, told about by a friend or seen posted on social media.

While looking through a list of today’s new music releases, one name caught our attention: Savoir Adore. Not sure why, but something made us click, Google and listen.

We immediately fell in love with this Brooklyn-based “fantasy rock” duo after listening to their old stuff on Spotify and their new album, The Love That Remains, on Pandora.

Here’s a taste:

The preview are no longer available on Pandora, but click around a bit and we think you’ll enjoy making this discovery, too. You’ll be just like Christopher Columbus.

Just with a sexier soundtrack.

usa-08_12_16(2)The Love That Remains, Savoir Adore
$9.99 on iTunes
$8.99-$17.99 at amazon.com