Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dallas Weekend Guide: August 25-28

dal-08_25_16College is back in session, which means it’s that time of year when we’re bombarded with fit twentysomethings all over town. So, we’ll be in the gym trying to turn back time, but here are five things you can do to pass the time gloriously.


dal-08_25_16(woman)The Rose Room Rising Star Pageant
What: Glamour galore at this nonstop parade of talent overseen by the delightful and dazzling Layla LaRue.
The Full Scoop: www.partyattheblock.com

Thursday & Friday

dal-08_25_16(helen holy)Sister Helen Holy’s Live Christian Broadcast
What: Our resident rambunctiously religious righteousness renegade presents an interactive comedy show that will have you singing her praises for days to come.
The Full Scoop: www.helenholy.com


dal-08_25_16(green team)Green Team 25th Anniversary Happy Hour at Alexandre’s
What: LifeWalk’s Green Team celebrates a quarter century of fundraising with this happy hour at Alexandre’s on Cedar Springs. A $10 entry gets you a raffle ticket, Potbelly sandwiches and happy pricing on drinks.
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dal-08_25_16(picnic)A Taste of Summer Bake & Plant Sale
What: Whether you’re looking for brownies or begonias, pies or peonies, you can satisfy your sweet tooth, your green thumb and other cliched body parts in one stop shopping for a good cause.
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dal-08_25_16(sylvan thirty)Celebrate Sylvan | Thirty
What: The booming West Dallas development hosts an end-of-summer bash that showcases its restaurants and retailers while providing fun for the entire family. If you haven’t yet been to Sylvan | Thirty, this is a prime opportunity.
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