Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Nice Pair

usa-08_26_16You know that memory thing on Facebook?

Well, vacation memories from five years ago popped up last week and three days in a row we were in photos wearing clothes we still have in our closet.

Somewhere Ann Wintour is spinning in her grave. (Or office chair, whatevs.)

usa-08_26_16(2)Our collection of shoes shares the same birthday as many of our shirts and pants, too. Vast as it is, many of the pairs we cherish have probably gone out of style and come back in vogue several times over.

Well, there’s a new gay-owned business that’s going to help us (and you) ensure that your footwear fetish is kept in peak condition.

King & Stone is a subscription-based shoe delivery service that brings the latest styles and colors right to your front door. Each season, you’ll choose your favorite pair of shoes from the latest collection and it will be manufactured in your size then shipped out quickly.

What’s great about this service compared to other subscriptions is that you actually have a choice in what’s delivered. No mystery clogs showing up uninvited.

usa-08_26_16(3)Plus, they spread out the membership cost into simple, $25-per-month installments, so each pair costs a bargain 75 bucks. And you can cancel at any time.

By signing up for King & Stone, you’ll be supporting a gay-owned business while sporting shoes that are on-trend, comfortable and seasonally appropriate.

That’s quite a feat.

King & Stone
$25 per month for a new pair of shoes delivered every three months