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Secrets & Selfies

usa-08_29_16We all have secrets-–whether it’s an internet crush, a second family with kids in another city, or the list of herbs and spices in a famous fried chicken recipe.

But now there’s an app that not only keeps your personal information personal, it lets you know if somebody else is trying to hack it.

We recently put the Don’t Touch This app to the test and it’s pretty darn impressive.

Once you download the app, you’ll be prompted to create security access, whether it’s a visual dot lock where you create a unique pattern, a four-number combination lock, a traditional PIN, or fingerprint recognition.

usa-08_29_16(2)Within the app, you can store photos and videos of yourself (or others) that you don’t want someone to stumble upon. You can also keep a log of all your passwords, credit card numbers and other highly personal data that shouldn’t be part of your regular contact list.

You can even browse the web through an app portal so your browsing history isn’t connected to the default browser on your phone. So whether you’re visiting, oh, porn sites or simply don’t want anyone to know you’re bidding on Trump merchandise on eBay, nobody will be the wiser.

Which gets us back to that whole snooping thing. If somebody attempts to open your Don’t Touch This App, it captures the date, time, GPS location of the breech and snaps a photo of the Nosy Nancy without him or her ever knowing.

So if you have secrets you want to stay that way, Don’t Touch This could change your life.

And possibly qualify you for job with the FBI.

Don’t Touch This App
$6.99 for iOS at iTunes