Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cultural Exchange

usa-09_06_16One of the main reasons we travel is to experience other cultures first-hand. And hopefully in a non-touristy way.

Last year Viceland debuted a new docu-series called Gaycation, starring Ellen Page and her BFF Ian Daniel. Over four episodes and a little more than three hours of footage, they explored the LGBTQ cultures in Japan, Brazil, Jamaica and the United States.

The second season kicks off tomorrow with a special episode in which Ellen and Ian travel to Orlando after the Pulse massacre to explore how the city and LGBTQ community are coping in the aftermath, as well as hope for the future. The episode is currently available for streaming if you can’t wait for it to debut.

After that, they’ll return to bringing us in-depth looks at other cultures in nations near and far with their own unique brand of storytelling and affectionate camaraderie.

If you missed the first season, you can log in to viceland.com and provide information for your cable or satellite provider and stream the first four episodes free.

We can pretty much guarantee your eyes will be opened in many ways to how our brothers and sisters in other countries live their lives.

And we can definitely guarantee you’ll be ready to book a flight soon to write your next personal gaycation chapter.

Gaycation Season 2
Premieres Wednesday, September 7