Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Howdy, State Fairies!

dal-09_29_16The State Fair of Texas officially kicks off tomorrow!

But if you’re looking to go on the gayest day of the season, mark your calendars now for Sunday, October 9.

That’s the day we celebrate Gay Day at Fair Park. Though not officially sanctioned by the powers that be at the State Fair, it’s tradition for the LGBT community to join together the Sunday before National Coming Out Day (Tuesday, October 11).

It’s a chance to eat your weight in corny dogs, try your hand at ring toss and purchase a hot tub or mattress at a very special price! (Seriously, who buys these at the Fair?)

It’s also a chance to figure out what the hell that Fried Jell-O is all about.

So text your friends, tweet your co-workers and Snapchat your grandma with an warm invitation for them to join you a week from Sunday. Because when it comes to this or any LGBT gathering, the more the merrier.

And on the Midway, the more the merrier-go-round.

Gay Day at the State Fair of Texas
Sunday, October 9
Fair Park
3921 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Dallas
Complete fair details at bigtex.com