Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Keep Your Chen Up

usa-09_30_16Last week, we told you about Idina Menzel’s new album, so it’s only fair that we give some coverage to her Wicked rival, Kristin Chenoweth.

(We learned that equal-time thing from the election.)

Chenoweth’s latest, The Art of Elegance, showcases her powerful Broadway-busting voice with a diverse set of tracks, including some great Gershwin tunes, but also features some toned-down performances that are perfectly suited for her sometimes surprisingly sultry personality.

Hearing her sing again makes us even more anxious to see her in Hairspray Live! this fall.

We just can’t get enough.

The Art of Elegance, Kristin Chenoweth
$10.99; iTunes
$10.49 (MP3); $12.90 CD); amazon.com