Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Follow This Guy On Instagram

usa-10_05_16Tired of Instagram feeds filled with poorly lit shots of people’s food?

Or nonstop feeds of their children/cats/dogs/Vice Presidential running mates?

Well, we have the cure.usa-10_05_162His name is Angelo Nairod and he’s an artist and photographer based in Italy. Yesterday, a friend turned us on to his Instagram, Facebook and Flickr accounts, raving about his work.

And we completely agree. Plus, following him on multiple social media channels gives you access to different photo collections on each.usa-10_05_163Some of his work is homoerotic, many photos are naked self portraits, and other shots are outright bizarre–in the best way possible.

So if you want a break from social media monotony, give this guy a follow.

It’s the cultured thing to do.

Angelo Nairod, Photographer

All photos copyright Angelo Nairod