Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Being Gay Is Thrilling

usa-10_14_16Damn, we hate when things are getting hot and heavy with a guy only to be interrupted by murder.

That’s a simplified version of what happens in the opening of USA Network’s new thriller, Eyewitness, which delves into the lives of Philip (Tyler Young, above left) and Lukas (James Paxton, above right) as they struggle to keep secret both their romance and the witnessing of a multiple homicide.

Meanwhile, Philip’s foster mom and town sheriff, Helen (Julianne Nicholson), passionately works to solve the case and restore a sense of calm and safety in the small town of Tivoli.

usa-10_14_162We had the privilege of screening the full season, but didn’t have time to binge the entire thing. But we can’t wait to get to the end because the action builds and the stakes are raised in nearly every scene and subsequent episode.

Plus, the complicated relationship between Philip and Lukas is one that’s not often portrayed on TV and adds a compelling angle to the mystery.

Eyewitness is sexy, suspenseful and shocking.

Just like any relationship worth writing about.

Premieres Sunday, October 16


Photo Credit: USA Network, NBC/Universal