Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Homme Decor

usa-10_17_16It’s been a couple years since we’ve had several penises on our sofa at once.

(Guess we’re losing our mojo.)

But we can reclaim that glory in a more understated way with French toile floral male genitalia pillow designs from Look Human, a company we turn to often for hilarious, sometimes wickedly subversive, T-shirts.

These 14-inch throw pillows are hand-sewn, double-sided and printed in the USA. They’re available in a variety of single colors, but also in multi-colored, multi-dong rainbow prints. They’re also available in larger, outdoor sizes treated for moisture and mildew resistance.

The best thing about these pillows, however, is watching people notice for the first time what they’re resting their butts against.

Sigh. That hasn’t happened in a long time on our sofa, either.

Floral Penis Pattern Throw Pillows, $34