Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


usa-10_20_16LGBT teens have more positive role models and media depictions than ever in history.

But there’s always room for more.

Either Way: Story of a Gay Kid is the latest on the scene. This graphic novel features illustrations by Euan Cook that bring to life the words of author Sandra Levins in wonderful ways.

usa-10_20_162Rather than unfolding in a strictly linear fashion, Either Way begins with a teen named Cael who’s exploring his first same-sex attraction before weaving together other stories, including lessons on civil rights and a bit of historical fiction about a gay man serving in the military.

The book is part LGBT history lesson, part affirmation that being different in any way is a wonderful thing to celebrate.

Published by the American Psychological Association, it’s a book that offers plenty of hope but frames it in a real-world context that’s immediately relatable for all ages.

We’ve already donated our copy to one of the Little Free Library spots in our neighborhood because hopefully it’ll find its way into the hands of someone who really needs the positive message. So even if you don’t know anyone who could benefit directly, we encourage you to purchase copies to donate to organizations in your community.

Together, if we make it easier for even one kid (or adult) to come out more confidently, the book will have done its job.

Either Way: Story of a Gay Kid
by Sandra Levins with illustrations by Euan Cook
$14.95; amazon.com