Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Her Pain, Your Pleasure

usa-10_27_16We receive a couple hundred e-mails a day.

Therefore, it’s often difficult to read (or skim) them all in a timely fashion. (Hence our panic attack-inducing status of 28,428 unread e-mails in our inbox.)

But some messages break through the clutter, which is exactly how we met author Sara Stewart, who’s promoting her new book, Whilst I Was Out (debuting today in bookstores and at online retailers).

usa-10_27_162Her subject line was “Coming Out Of The Closet, Fashionably Drunk.”

As a fashionably drunk bloke ourselves, we began a brief correspondence with the UK-based writer and had her send us a copy of the dark comedy that chronicles her alcohol addiction and abusive relationship with a man before coming out as lesbian in middle age.

The raw, conversational storytelling perfectly conveys her heartache and pain but manages to elicit giggles and belly laughs alike. It’s a coming-out story different than most, but also relatable to everyone who’s ever gone through the process–and anyone considering it.

usa-10_27_163We love her occasional breaks from traditional prose to offer checklists, such as “How to Make a Complete Arse of Yourself” with ripped-from-her-life examples in which pitchers of margaritas and Britney Spears karaoke play major roles.

As Stewart embarks on her new journey of self-discovery, new sexual interests, and sobriety, we get to come along for the ride.

Laughing all the way down her bumpy, bumpy road.

Whilst I Was Out, Sara Stewart
$14.99 at amazon.com