Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Real (Small) Housewives Of Dallas

dal-11_01_16This is probably not what Louisa May Alcott had in mind.

Yet here we are. Another reality show franchise launching a Dallas edition filled with trash talk, cat fights and overwrought drama.

Saddle up for Little Women: Dallas, premiering tomorrow night on Lifetime, y’all.

Featuring a sextet of feisty women, it’s the perfect show for anyone missing the antics of our own Real Housewives while they’re on hiatus. The main difference that sets Little Women apart is a healthy dose of positivity and inspiration mixed in with all the other shenanigans.

Besides, we always love watching shows that feature Dallas, simply so we can try to figure out where they’re filming certain scenes, but also to see how they portray our fair city.

So far, we see lots of boots, cowboy hats and rodeos.

Kinda makes us want to set the DVR and visit the Round-Up tonight instead.

Little Women: Dallas
Premieres Wednesday, Nov. 2 on Lifetime