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Brunch Of The Month: Vine Dining

dal-11_03_16If there’s one thing we always complain about, it’s the utter lack of barbecue sauce at breakfast.

Fortunately, 18th & Vine on Maple Avenue always has our best interests in mind.

Their new brunch just launched a couple weekends ago and we were asked in to give it a test run. Gotta say, we’re impressed.

From the moment we walked in and were greeted by the soothing sounds of a live jazz band (that play quietly enough to still allow for great conversation in the dining room), we knew this place was going to be added to our permanent brunch rotation.dal-11_03_162The simple brunch menu features just five items: a barbecue breakfast with rib hash and an egg (pictured); chipped beef on toast; huevos rancheros; a pulled pork breakfast burrito; and a smoked salmon wrap.

You can always order off the regular lunch menu, too, if you’re feeling more briskety than eggy. And the fried okra is an absolute must. Always.

We skipped the bottomless mimosas (a $15 bargain) and opted first for a house smoked Bloody Mary (pictured at top) before moving on to more complex creations. We tried them all, but we particularly enjoyed the Old Rook, a deconstructed lime daiquiri of sorts, and a rye whiskey-based drink called West Bottoms.

Naturally, we were totally drawn to the latter.

18th & Vine
Saturday & Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
(Live music on Sundays only)
4100 Maple Avenue, Dallas

Photo Credit: Alison McLean