Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fashionably Great

usa-11_01_16Classics never go out of style.

Which is why we drink far more Old Fashioneds than Frosés.

The same thing goes doubly for menswear.

Which is why we love Blade + Blue, a gay-owned clothing company that makes clothing right here in the United States. And it fits fantastically.

usa-11_01_162We received a long-sleeve chambray shirt and it fit like it was hand-tailored for us. And even though we normally prefer form-fitting underwear, we really dig the boxer shorts because they’re also more tailored than most.

The full line of shirts, sweaters, ties, hats, scarves, socks and gift items comes from the fashion mind of Peter Papas, a 20-year fashion vet who wanted to give men a sense of tradition and timelessness in their wardrobe.

Best of all, they’re having a big sale right now with $128 shirts going for as low as $59. Plus, you can stock up on shorts for next summer or any Caribbean vacations you have planned before then.

We’re just happy to support any gay-owned business we can.

Even better when they’re really, really great.

Blade + Blue