Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Gayest Office Accessory In The Universe

usa-11_11_16Sometimes we miss having a cubicle. Or that one time we had an actual corner office like in a 1980s Wall Street drama.

But now that we write full-time and can office from any coffee house, hotel balcony or beach chair in the world, we’ve lost touch with tangible office supplies. And damn if we didn’t love a nice accordion file system with label maker-generated alphabetized categories.

Fortunately, we can live vicariously through any of you out there with a permanent desk to call your home away from home.

Say hello to the NPW Unicorn Tape Dispenser.

As if the rainbow main on this six-inch plastic beauty weren’t gay enough, the gender-neutral magical equine also comes with two delightfully garish rolls of rainbow tape.

Now nearly all of your interoffice adhesive needs will be loud and proud.

It’s time to dramatically rip up paperwork just because you can repair it with such pizzazz.

NPW Unicorn Tape Dispenser, $9.79