Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Silver Bells In Silverlake

usa-11_15_16Ah, the gay holiday romantic comedy.

Imagine telling someone in the LGBT community just a few decades ago that one day we’d have so many queer movies that “gay holiday romantic comedy” was actually a genre unto itself. But here we are in 2016 and the diversity of what movies are available to us as gay men continues to surprise, amaze and entertain.

Shared Rooms, debuting today on DVD and Video On Demand, interweaves tales of several gay men and various, sometimes sexy sources of joy during the holiday season.

There’s a married couple who takes in a gay teen relative, two guys whose online hookup turns into something more, and two roommates forced to share a bed for a week and deal with their mutual attraction.

Marriage, children, family and holiday rituals all play into the comedic and dramatic elements of this film from Rob Williams and his partner Rodney Johnson (Make The Yuletide Gay), perfectly capturing what many gay men go through this time of year for better or worse.

And we’re always happy to focus on “better.”

Shared Rooms
On DVD ($19.95) and VOD ($14.99) today


Image and trailer courtesy Wolfe Video