Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The 701 Club: ABCs Of A New World

Helen Holy - 625x625 (2)It may not be the New Jerusalem, but it is certainly a New America. Let us reflect.

America: At last, the voters have spoken. (Actually, the electoral college has spoken, and I’ve never met ANYONE who went to that school, but I digress.) America is the land of the free(ish) and the home of the brave(less). While some of my fine Christian brethren are rejoicing that the Lord has heard their prayers for a(n) (a)moral leader, others are rending their clothing over the grim possibilities of this new world. I have a question. Isn’t it a blessing to see so many folk innately sure of the future of our world?I was speaking with the Lord the other day and we just LAUGHED and LAUGHED about His people of little faith. I plan on not reporting any pieces of sky falling until one hits me on the head. Praise!

Baylor: In keeping with the fine tradition of Christian love, more news comes to us from my alma mater, Baylor University. The day after the election last week, a young woman walking to class on the Baylor campus was shoved off the sidewalk by a male student who informed her that there were “no n—–s allowed on the sidewalk.” Granted the young woman was walking to a neuroscience class, but to call her a nerd was just unnecessary. However, after reading that the young woman from Dallas was born in an African country, I realized I had inserted the wrong “n” word. The assaultive young man claimed he was only trying to make America great again. Between Baylor’s issues with sexual assault of women and now this overt racism, I am praying that the University re-align itself with the teachings of Christ post-haste before we discover that there might be sodomites and lesbyterians amidst the student body. Let us pray.

Cohen: Outside of observing the death of Jesus at Easter, I’m not prone to comment on the death of many other Jews. However, a great Hebrew has passed on, leaving us with words and music of comfort as a memory and blessing. Brother Leonard Cohen, a man of great talent and insight, passed recently leaving liberals and pacifists everywhere in grief. Now, I never paid much attention to the man due to his combination Zen/Judaism beliefs which seemingly clash with the good, old-time religion of my life. But Brothers and Sisters, his most famous song was simply called “Hallelujah.” I don’t care what brand of church you attend, a song of praise speaks to all peoples. And for that, I say hallelujah, indeed. Thank you, Leonard.