Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

P.I.L.F. On The Shelf

usa-11_28_16-1Priests I’d Like to Fuck.

There. You probably don’t see those five words strung together often at the top of a holiday wish list, but there’s a first for everything. usa-11_28_162Except this is hardly the first time we’ve seen hot naked priests on a calendar.

usa-11_28_163For the fifth year, the OC Art Project continues its global effort against homophobia in the Orthodox region with a wildly erotic calendar filled with mostly naked and really naked Orthodox priests in everything from compromising positions to scenes of reverent worship.

Order a non-explicit version for Grandma.

And a very explicit version for closeted Uncle Walter.

Under the rule of Prez Trump, 2017 may very well be the last year of Earth, so you might as well cross off the final days with a smile on your face.

And a tent in your pants.

OC2017 P.I.L.F – Priests I’d Like to Fuck
$16.93 (Classic Calendar); $31.76 (X-rated Calendar)

Photo Credit: OC Art Project by www.orthodox-calendar.com