Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Underwear Of The Month: Y, Oh Y!

usa-11_30_16All we want for Christmas is just two butt cheeks.

Nestled in luxurious, form-fitting underwear.

Never before have we enjoyed seeing half-naked guys leave the room (we prefer them coming), but in D.HEDRAL underwear we don’t mind the view one bit.usa-11_30_163With their patented AngleFit technology, a Y-shaped design provides structured support to your booty and lifts up every bit of junk in your trunk to new heights of bubble-butt perfection. Best of all, this revolutionary system works with all body types because the Y shape allows the fabric to stretch independently for contoured support.Made in Italy, each D.HEDRAL brief, trunk and swimsuit features the highest quality materials and an undeniable sexiness without straying too far from classic, time-proven designs.

And as much as we love this underwear brand on its own, we’re totally head over bulge for D.HEDRAL’s DH12 campaign, which features a different guy each month for 12 months. Each model has an inspirational story, too.usa-11_30_162Current model, Tyler James (pictured above), has inspired us immensely.

To stop eating pizza, hit the gym and start saving money for lipo.

From $33