Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Appy Pups

usa-12_01_16Even though we take the occasional selfie, we don’t consider ourselves “selfie people.”

Yet when we checked our camera roll just now, of 8,355 photos on our iPhone there are 1,171 in the selfie folder.

Guess it’s not such an occasional thing after all.

Fortunately, there isn’t a folder that keeps track of our dog photos, though, because that count has to be well into the thousands. Mostly because our dogs always look the other way as soon as we point our phone at them so we have to take 10 times the photos we actually need.

But that all ends today.

usa-12_01_162We just downloaded the DELFIE app, a genius creation from the brilliant minds behind Dudes With Dogs, a site that started out as a social group for gay men with dogs.

This dog selfie app simply expands their collection of products and services that center on our devotion to dogs.

A series of random or programmable sounds allows you to grab your dog’s attention before snapping a pic, whether you’re using the forward or rear facing camera on your smartphone.

Choose from common sounds that make your dog react: a cat’s meow, another dog’s bark, a squirrel or a squeak toy. You can even record your own sound that will guarantee a big smile on your pooch.

Download DELFIE now ensure that the next several thousand photos of you and your dog are better than ever before.

Good thing, too. Our oldest has been demanding a new passport photo for months now.

Free download for iPhone: www.itunes.apple.com

Dudes With Dogs