Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch Of The Month: Go Blind Doing That

usa-12_01_16We really could use another short work week. That’s why we’re taking off tomorrow and headed down to Lowest Greenville for brunch at Blind Butcher.

That’s right, their weekend brunch actually kicks off on Fridays for three days of egg-fueled dining and mid-morning drinking.

With a new menu from genius chef Oliver Sitrin (wielding knives above), brunch offers the opportunity to sample some of Blind Butcher’s signature proteins (such as housemade sausages and bacon) without going into a complete meat coma. (Though that’s always an option if you dare.)

But before you work your way through the food offerings, we implore you to get a Bloody Mary.

We drink a lot of Bloody Marys every weekend and they’re definitely not all created equal. As much as we love Zing Zang, the go-to for many restaurants, there’s something quite special about a superbly crafted Bloody Mary. Featuring fresh-pressed tomato juice, grated horseradish and other spices, this delightful cocktail doesn’t have the thickness and viscosity that can really gross us out. This one’s lighter (practically refreshing) and absolutely divine in every way.dal-12_01_163As are the rest of the cocktails, but we need to focus on the food.The day we visited, the daily quiche featured smoked bacon. And in its tiny whole-quiche form, it’s just the cutest, gayest thing on the menu.dal-12_01_163Or go for the Full Monty with a traditional English breakfast (only way better than any version we’ve ever eaten in actual England). The Farm Egg sandwich on a massive biscuit also satisfies any normal appetite. And Hangover Poutine should become the official morning after meal for everyone in Dallas.

So come play hooky with us tomorrow.

We’ll be the one happy to see you (and yes, that’s a sausage in our pocket).

Blind Butcher
Weekend Brunch
Friday, Saturday, Sunday; 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
1919 Greenville Avenue, Dallas

Photo credit: Kathy Tran