Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

God Bless Him, Every One

dal-12_02_16You can’t swing a dead Tiny Tim around this town without hitting a production of A Christmas Carol.

But there’s at least one version that has our goose tingling.

In A Christmas Carol: The Radio Show, one of our all-time favorite actors (and Uptown Players regular), B.J. Cleveland takes on Dickens in a wildly fun way.

Starring as a radio station manager whose actors and musicians can’t make it to the station because of inclement weather, Cleveland’s character possesses the ultimate show-must-go-on attitude and puts on the play all by himself.

Which equates to 21 different characters.

And every single sound effect.

The result is a hilarious tour-de-force that brilliantly showcases the immensely talented actor’s many on-stage skills, while breathing new life into the tried-and-true classic.

Even Scrooge would crack a smile.

A Christmas Carol: The Radio Show
Through December 11

Tickets: $35-$40 (student and senior discounts available)
Theatre Too at Theatre Three
2800 Routh Street, Dallas

Photo Credit: Linda Harrison