Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Slay Bells

usa-12_02_16There’s more than duct tape on this year’s drag queen shopping list.

(Though that’s always a timeless stocking stuffer, like oranges, apples and Pez dispensers.)

This year, the longest running female impersonation pageant in the world, Miss Gay America, has a new T-shirt among its branded merchandise.

With the simple-but-effective slogan “Gown. Talent. Interview. Slay.”, it’s the ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the fabulous art of drag. Plus, the Miss Gay America logo on the arm ensures you’re not getting some Canal Street knock-off.

Shirts are just $21.95 and include free shipping through December 25.

Wigs, jewels and corsets not included.

Miss Gay America Pageant T-Shirt, $21.99

Photo: Suzy Wong (aka Arnold Myint) by Kristofer Reynolds, Scotty Kirby