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Tighty Not-Whities

usa-12_08_16Party season is upon us, lads!

Though that usually means it’s time to drag out our green and red velvet sport coats, this year we’re going to turn heads with our legs.

Or our Meggings to be more precise.

Kapow Meggings (leggings for men) bring the perfect amount of jaw-dropping drama mixed with bold whimsy for a statement outfit unlike any other, whether you’re wearing them to Christmas dinner at the in-laws or to work up a sweat at the gym.

Founder Jordan Barnett created the colorful line of leggings to challenge everyone’s perception of masculinity by confronting taboos of what men can and can’t wear.

usa-12_08_162They sent us a pair (24 Carrat) and let’s just say once we slipped them on, we couldn’t stop prancing around the house. Not only are they comfortable, they bring back the same unbridled joy we haven’t felt since childhood when we’d play dress-up and nobody cared whether we were in high heels or pretending to smoke our grandfather’s pipe.

Meggings feature polyester/spandex construction, which makes all our muscles (and lack thereof) look their very best while wicking away moisture and maintaining a nice breathability.

Plus, we can’t remember a time our booty looked so scrumptious.

Heck, in the 24 Carat Meggings our ass is now the gold standard.

Kapow Meggings



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