Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Underwear Of The Month: Put Your Yule Log Here

dal-12_14_16We’ve come a long way since caching Mommy in a torrid lip-lock with Santa Claus was considered controversial. There are far too many boundaries left to push!

That’s why we love Dallas-based Marek+Richard, the edgy underwear and accessories brand that fuses sexiness with a whole lot of attitude.

Just in time for the holidays, they have plenty of seasonally appropriate underwear that’s oh-so-naughty.

dal-12_14_162Sport the Fruit Cake brief and sissy that walk big-time.

Put some festive spirit into your next workout with crushed velvet running shorts.

dal-12_14_163Then turns heads and drop jaws in the locker room when you reveal a Holiday Cheer Sweater Jock Strap that sports cute little reindeer right on the pouch or send ogling guys a different message with another sweater knit jock that has “Stuff Me” written on the straps.

Each and every piece from Marek+Richard will make somebody on your list very happy.

Besides, nothing like a gift that holds a package.

Marek+Richard Holiday Designs