Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

This Son Shines

dal-12_21_16Trinity Groves has another hit on its hands and they have one family in particular to thank: the Rodartes.

Beto & Son features the culinary craft of Beto and his 23-year-old son, Julian (pictured above). The handsome duo modernizes many traditional dishes, from hearty stacked enchiladas layered with 12-hour-braised barbacoa and a fried egg to the light and tasty shrimp ceviche tower (pictured below).dal-12_21_162Everything here is made from scratch, including the mixers used in the margaritas, mojitos and other boozy Latin favorites. Ask for a round of tableside frozen margaritas, which are made to order with liquid nitrogen, and you’re guaranteed to have all eyes on your table. So make sure your hair and makeup look good. (People will be filming.)

Several other creative dishes populate the menu, too.

Mexican poutine features fries made from potatoes and corn masa before being topped with queso, chicken tinga and a fried egg. Or check out the Smothered Totchos, a typical nacho platter by all counts except that tortilla chips are replaced with crispy tater tots.

A selection of noodle bowls each starts with roasted fideo pasta that’s then cooked in chicken stock for a flavor-packed base for almon, chicken fajitas, shrimp diablo, chile rellenos or roasted carnitas.

Tortas, tacos and fajita-style skillets round out the diverse offerings.

In a city with more Mexican restaurants than should be allowed by law, it’s always exciting to welcome a new eatery that’s doing everything right with one tasty thing after another.

Including the chef.

Beto & Son at Trinity Groves
3011 Gulden Lane, Dallas

Photo Credit: Mike Gibson Photo