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Rode Trip

Why aren’t our male prostitutes ever as hot as they are in Hollywood movies?


But handsome hunks with killer bods are only part of the equation in the excellent film, RETAKE, out today on DVD (and available on-demand, too). When Jonathan, a lonely middle-aged man (Tuc Watkins, whom we’ve loved since his days on One Life to Live), hires a male hustler (Devon Graye) to role play as “Brandon” and recreate a road trip from his past, Brandon tries to solve the mystery behind everything, even as he participates in the elaborate deception.

With the Grand Canyon as their final destination and a Polaroid camera in tow (how deliciously Thelma & Louise), the two strangers form a strong connection that starts out purely erotic and physical before eventually transforming into something much more.

Filled with passion and desperation brought to life with powerful performances against spectacular backdrops, RETAKE brings LGBT cinema to a new place of sadness and vulnerability that transcends at just the right times to offer moments of devastating beauty.

Without ever lamenting the fact that there’s no shirtless Brad Pitt anywhere to be seen.




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