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The 701 Club: Memories, Monarchies & Motels

Let us ponder the three ring circuses coming and going in our land.

Memories: The end of an era has come to pass. Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus has folded its tent after 146 years of three-ring performances. Ah, the memories of watching foreigners flying through the air from one swing to the next, pedophiles disguised as clowns chasing small children through popcorn-strewn paths, dancing poodles, and ferocious animals being beaten into submission. Good times. I’m just not sure where one can find good Christian entertainment for the family now. Perhaps a family safari to the wilds of Africa to bludgeon a lion or elephant will keep the kids entertained. Peanuts, anyone?

Monarchies: Lest ye find the closing of the circus to be a letdown and loss of elephant watching, let us all turn our eyes to Washington, DC this Friday where a much greater circus of elephants will be on display. Our Republican President-Elect will be crowned as the 45th President of the United States. I’m looking forward to the parade of celebrities who will be performing in his honor, the throngs of adoring people of all colors present to witness the spectacle, and the example of austerity which will surely be on display. Thereafter, in keeping with my wide-eyed perceptions, I will be attending a lecture given by Sarah Palin on the importance of wisdom. Praise!

Motels: Finally, I would be remiss if I did not recognize Monday’s national holiday to honor the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. It has been almost 49 years since Rev. King was gunned down on a motel balcony in Memphis. It always saddens me when a man of God loses his life for his beliefs. Yet, these are violent times in which we are living. Let us pray that no other lives are sacrificed in this way. To be sure, I have taken up a collection for Brother Trump to celebrate his inaugural evening in a second floor room at a Ramada Inn in Silver Spring. Hail!

Photo Credits: Ringling Bros – Rollingstone.com; Inauguration – politico.com; Martin Luther King – thesource.com