Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Anderson Keeper

Many people reading this may not even know who Loni Anderson is.


[copious amounts of tears for feeling old]

[broken hip from slipping in said tears]

We’ll leave the background of who the Great Loni is to Google and Wikipedia, but in the most exciting Blonde Bombshell Breaking News of the day, Anderson is coming back to the small screen (and in some cases, the really small screen).

This Sunday, My Sister Is So Gay web series premieres on Tello Films’ website, a subscription-based service with primarily lesbian content. But this comedy has something for everyone.

Anderson stars as a boozy mom connecting in different ways with her gay son and homophobic daughter. Things get juicy, however, when a lesbian (MadTV‘s hilarious Debra Wilson) begins making the homophobe gal’s heart go pitter-patter, hence the series title.

New episodes debut each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. PST and the first season features six episodes. They’re included in the $4.99 monthly subscription price, which gives users access to the entire library of LGBT content.

Written and created by Terry Ray and Wendy Michaels, the show features many laugh-out-loud moments and repeatable one-liners. Anderson may be just what we need to keep ourselves in politically-incorrect stitches until Karen Walker returns to Will & Grace later this year.

Now we gotta go. Out of ice.

My Sister Is So Gay
Included with $4.99 monthly subscription

First episode premieres Sunday, January 22