Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Blind Ambition

Woke up this morning to a boiling bunny on the stove.

Must be Valentine’s Day!

Also known as the perfect time to debut a new dating show.

Today, premiere gay streaming service Dekkoo premieres its second-ever original series, Love Is Blind. Hosted by Mike Kelton, this charming reality show follows fourteen single New York men on seven blind dates that range from hilarious to hilariously awkward (and every shade in between).

Every aspect of each day-long romantic adventure gets captured on video for our voyeuristic enjoyment, whether we’re spying on striptease lessons or two grown men grappling in unitards.

Even if every guy on this show doesn’t find love, at least we’ve found a new show to love.

Not to mention another straight guy avoiding us in the steam room at the gym after watching the show over our shoulder from one treadmill over.

Love Is Blind
Premieres today on Dekkoo

$9.99 per month after 14-day free trial
Dekkoo is available via iTunes, Google Play, AppleTV, Roku and Amazon