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Sleeping Around Palm Springs: Clothing Optional Edition

It’s always smart to pack sunscreen for vacation, but in Palm Springs you may want to bump it up to SPF 100 or higher. Because you’re likely to have a few body parts exposed that don’t see the light of day that often, let alone around other guys by a pool. Or in line to toast your bagel at the breakfast bar.

Palm Springs boasts a huge number of clothing optional gay men’s resorts, making it one of the more unique LGBT travel destinations in the world. Not only does letting it all hang out most of the day make for a much lighter suitcase, but swimming and lounging around naked are easily the best icebreakers in the world. Another perk: Clothing optional resorts can’t sell booze so you can bring your own, which allows you to splurge on other aspects of your vacation.

Because there are so many options, we slept around Palm Springs so you don’t have to. Check out our five favorite get-nekkid men’s resorts in the glam California desert by scrolling up and clicking on the NEXT button above each photo.

2017 Gay Events in Palm Springs: Adonis (April 7-9); White Party (May 5-8); Palm Springs Hot Rodeo (May 12-14); Desert Romp (June 17-19); Cinema Diverse: Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (September); Big Men’s Weekend (September); Leather Pride (October 26-29); Halloween Palm Springs (October 28); Palm Springs Pride (November 3-5).




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